KillerIrc and Gaim dependencies

I’ve tried to install KillerIrc and Gaim, but it aborted because of
dependencies problems.

For Gaim, it said that :

For Gaim, I don’t remember, but as there is no readme, I don’t
know which dependencies it lacks.

Could you tell me what I must install before ? Thanks.

Now I am 100% sure you didn’t complete your 2nd stage QNX installation. This also explains why you miss the /usr/src as discussed in this thread:

Yes, you are completely right ! This is because of the weird behaviour
of the QNX setup. In fact, when it says to remove the cd before
rebooting, we must leave it in instead. If we remove it as it says,
it doesn’t install the second part.

That’s a big problem for those who don’t know about this, and I hope
it will be fixed in the upcoming 6.3 version :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who helped me find why so many files were missing ;)