Radeon 9200?

Anyone know how to get my Radeon 9200 to work with the radeon driver? It currently only works with the vesa and vga drivers. Going into the ‘Advanced’ screen for the Graphics config utility, and changing the devg-vesabios.so to devg-radeon.so just doesn’t seem to be enough (results in photon dying completely).

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think the current radeon driver supports radeon 9200. You will have to wait for the QNX 6.3 which should be out Q2 of this year.

Isn’t the 9200 just a dumbed down version of the 8500 (which does, currently work with the radeon driver). To get it working with the linux framebuffer (before it was supported), all I had to do was add the correct PCI IDs to the driver source code.

So I tried to add the PCI IDs for the 9200 to the graphics enum file… And the radeon driver wouldn’t work :slight_smile: It obviously tries to use the radeon driver (having just switched from an 8500), but instead the entire box reboots…

Time to go fix my mistake.


You can probably tweak it and see if you can get it work:

Actually, in the process of switching out my 8500 for the 9200, I discovered that the annoying squeaking noise I thought was from the 8500’s fan continued even with the fanless 9200 in the machine :slight_smile: So, I’m back to the 8500.

But thanks for your help with this (and with the filesystem problem).