What's the problem here?

[u]1st Problem[/u]

I just installed QNX 4.25 and whenever I reboot, I get the “login: “ prompt for about a second, then it appears that my DVD-Rom drive is detected, and the following is displayed on the screen:

login: Path=0 – EIDE target=0 lvm=0 CD-ROM(5) – SAMSUNG DVDROM SD-616E Rev.F501
QNX pat ‘/dev/cd1.0’ adopted as CDROM drive ‘/cd1.0’

And then I able able to type root and login, but why is this being displayed at my login prompt?

[u]2nd Problem[/u]

Whenever I exit Photon, I see the following on the screen right after my original entry of # ph:

couldn’t open ////.photon/pwm/pwm.cfg for read
#waiting for the Input driver to startup…

Any ideas on this one?

Neither of these are news…

The default install leaves the eide driver in verbose, rather than quiet, mode and your driver takes a little time to repond - on a faster driver, the output would have been earlier in the boot process.

The second “problem” is because you don’t have a home directory for root - an error in the default qnx4 installation I suppose. In 6.x, root has a home dir of /root. You can do the same in qnx4 and you won’t get the “couldn’t open…” error.


So, what would you recommend as a fix for Problem #1? And for Problem #2, I don’t quite understand how I would create a home directory of root?

  1. by default, all those “debug/info” messages will show up on the console, which may mix up with other texts already on there. I am not sure if there is a way to “redirect” those messages.

  2. you can create a home directory for root, eg: mkdir /home/root and then change the /etc/passwd file so that the home dir of root points to the newly created dir.

I don’t suppose there’s any way to delay the output of the message that’s contained in the /etc/issue file, maybe by using a sleep statement or something? That way it would give it more time to detect the CD-Rom?

The login prompt and the displaying of /etc/issue are from the “tinit” in your sysinit.X. You can probably put a sleep before that line.

The only tinit lines in my sysinit.1 file are the last 3 lines of the file:

[b]tinit –c “modem –b 38400 –Lâ€

yes, the last line is the one that gives the login prompt on the console.

Ok, cool, thanks guys. And you think making those changes will get rid of the…

[b]couldn’t open ////.photon/pwm/pwm.cfg for read
#waiting for the Input driver to startup…


…that I’m getting?

Ok, how do I reset my root password. I’ve done something, and now when I type “root” to log in, it just gives me another login: prompt. I can only get in as ftp.

no, this one can be “fixed” by creating a home directory for root, as mentioned earlier in this discussion.

You can run “passwd root” command to reset the root password.

Now that you can’t even login, you can probably ftp get the /etc/shadow file and zero out the root password and ftp put back in. This hopefully will let you login as root with no password. Once you are in, you can run “passwd root” to reset the password.

Thanks, noc. I was referring to those instructions when I said “those changes”, sorry.

So, would I change root::0:0::///:/bin/sh (the only thing in the /etc/passwd file) to root::0:0::///:/home/root ?

Is that right, or no?

no, that explains why you can’t login anymore.

you need to change /// to /home/root

Ok, I changed it to root::0:0::/home/root:/bin/sh and I’m still getting the same thing after exiting Photon:

couldn’t open /home/root/.photon/pwm/pwm.cfg for read

Waiting for the Input driver to startup…

And is there a way I can enter a clear screen command in the /etc/issue file?

What’s weird is that I don’t have a pwm directory or pwm.cfg file… instead it’s a pdm directory and pdm.cfg file.

Well, I simply renamed the pdms to pwms, and that got rid of the “couldn’t open…” message, but I’m still getting the “Waiting for the Input driver to startup…”. What is causing that?

“Waiting for the Input driver to startup…” come from the Photon startup script. If you don’t like it, you can edit /usr/bin/ph to comment out that line.