I simply can't download QNX 6.2.1 - no download resuming...

i cant get QNX using this link :

there is no resuming; i have a modem and physically cant be online enough time to get it in one session…

what can i do? any other methods? any other locations? what’s workaround?

D:\download>wget -c -O qnxnc621.iso download.qnx.com/d_manager/d_man.php
–02:08:29-- download.qnx.com/d_manager/d_man.php
=> `qnxnc621.iso’
Connecting to download.qnx.com:80… connected!
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK

Continued download failed on this file, which conflicts with -c'. Refusing to truncate existing file d_man.php’.

this is the worst “download manager” I’ve ever seen. It is a big step backward from QSS. the only thing I can think of is they are trying to discourage NC users…

… or they are trying to check experimentally, “how much illegal download sites would be avaliable after we fuck up legal download”…

noc, please don’t come to conculsions like that when there is no basis. :slight_smile: Our IS dept. is trying to provide a minimum level of service for the downloads by rate-limiting the total output bandwidth. It has been going at near 100% thruput since NC was released. I am gonna look into why the resuming doesn’t work.

I thought about bandwidth too but then there are better solutions …
If QSS really wants to encourage the NC users like they did with the initial QNX6 release, they could have done the TUCOWS mirror … I don’t blame QSS since NC doesn’t bring them $$ (at least not directly).

Actually, we did much more then a tucows mirror. We had Q9 doing reundant servers all over the work. Cost thousands and thousands each month and it was decided that it wasn’t even coming close to paying for itself.

Anyways, the lack of resuming is counter productive to having bandwidth limits since it means people have to keep using the same bandwidth over and over again. ;) So let’s hope our IS dept. can get it fixed soon.

In the meantime, you can use one of those unofficial mirrors as discussed here

or better yet, use BitTorrent, and here is one of the BitTorrent link:
bytemonsoon.com/download.php … so.torrent

Another short term fix is to offer “split” versions of the ISO file that can be re assmbled after downloaded.

While you are at it, could you also mirror the 3rd Party Software ISO also?


Since 3rd Party Software is dynamic in nature, you should probably go to the online repository directly from your installer:
download.qnx.com/contrib/reposit … sitory.qrm

QSS and the community are actively adding new stuff and fixing bugs, the ISO is probably already out of date :slight_smile: One thing for sure I know is cdm and camz have recently fixed some nasty bugs in the openssh package…

The only reason I would need the ISO is for the source code, it would be great if QSS can make online the latest source code as well (hint hint …).
The good news for you is that you can download the source code tarball extracted from the CD ISO:

well does those guys really want (me|us) to check the iso? what kind of p*s is no resume?
“When an OS Really, Really Has to Work” yeah sure a great start can even dl’it

None of the mirrors work. The main page does not work either. Is there really that many people downloading QNX?

Wow, nevermind, it seemed to be caused by some setting on my work PC. Downloading fine now.

Well cdm, there is a basis (although the conclusion is most probably a wrong one). The basis was no resume, which you would expect in the year 200X to be a mastered technology ;-)

If the issue (which as been going on for a long time) has not been resolved it is normal IMHO to come to the conclusion it was given low priority or been ignored, no? To say that it was delibrate is probably going to far.

But then again as I like to often say, if it’s free stuff you don’t have the right to complain ;-)

The goal was that when the download/request rate fell it would be moved to a direct download. Since it hasn’t fallen, I am guessing that the rates have stayed up. A good thing IMHO.

There are all kind of limitations that can be set on both http and ftp servers so a direct link to that iso sounds like the best thing to me. For those who lost the download by having it stopped and dead at 90% or close to that, that’s just bandwidth loss to QSS because the ones who tried once will try again (most cases) so a resume would only cost QSS 10% of the iso and not the whole of it. That’s why I don’t see any logic in that stupid so called download manager that QSS has put up for the qnx621 iso. Sorry but I won’t agree with that method. There may be other reasons of which we don’t know but we just don’t know what those are and I won’t even bother looking into it. I already wasted some bandwidth but finally got the iso after a couple of tries. BAD thing that download manager. Forrest Gump quote: “and that’s all I have to say about that.”

d_man.php is still the method being used and resuming is still not working and the 6.3.0 release is not far away now …

There will be more surprises coming with regard to 6.3.0 and NC :frowning:

About what surprises are you talking?

Well I can’t download 6.3 from the Qnx website because my isp imposes a 2 hour cut off and I can’t download 500MB in 2 hours! I wonder how much bandwidth has been wasted by people redownloading the same data in the year+ since qnx disabled resuming on their download? Must be 100s of Gigs. Seems a strange way to save money if thats what they’re trying to do?!

Anyway, anyone know of any mirrors / bittorrents where I can actually download this?


You don’t have to be a genius to conclude whether this is a bandwidth saving or waste. This makes me believe QSS has other reason for the crappy download manager… I bet QSS won’t be happy to see a 3rd party download mirror / bittorrents due to this “other reason”. I will be more than happy to be proved wrong, in which case, I will setup a mirror. Say something, QSS.