I simply can't download QNX 6.2.1 - no download resuming...

I can think of one way this is a bandwidth saver to them: It’ll massively reduce the number of less-than-determined people and also many of those same people will be enthusiastic users of “download accelerators”.

Well I emailed their webmaster about this and he said they use the download manager because they have some files which are available to licensees only so they don’t want to offer files in the clear (ie. linkable). They also want to limit the number of concurrent downloads. Why they can’t do this and still support resume I don’t know. Probably because they can’t be bothered to modify their php download manager to support it. So noc I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t set up a mirror and I will be your 1st happy downloader :slight_smile:

The problem is not the download (at least with 6.3). You can’t install unless you have a license, which QSS will mail you AFTER you finish the download. We could make the image available, but you couldn’t use it.

Now if we could convince QSS to basically issue licenses before the download, or perhaps without the download, then mirrors and torrents would follow.


Did he say if it is ok for people outside QSS to setup/provide QNX 6.3 downloads?

I didn’t ask him but he didn’t give any reason for not setting up a mirror. Except that as rick says you need their license which means the 6.3 download that I’ve got 85% of from a mirror probably won’t even work :angry:

There is plenty of expired numbers that could be posted here. Interested?

Yeah please, or pm me it :slight_smile:

This email together with the license key below is your proof of license for the QNX software product identified below. It authorizes use of QNX® Momentics® Professional Edition - Evaluation (6.3.0) on one Workstation until the expiry date specified below under the terms of the applicable QNX Momentics End User License Agreement (see licensing@qnx.com or contact QNX Software Systems to obtain a copy. Please note, you may not install or use the software if you are unable or unwilling to accept the applicable end user license agreement terms.

After the expiry date, you may either purchase a commercial license, or you may continue using the unlocked portions of the QNX Momentics Development Suite (along with the components of the QNX Neutrino® RTOS normally provided in binary form with the QNX Momentics Development Suite) under the terms of this Agreement, provided that such use is limited solely to: (1) use for Non-Commercial Purposes; and (2) use in a self-hosted (QNX Neutrino RTOS hosted) development environment targeting x86 processors as well as iPAQ reference designs.

License Key: 9HDK-7ZAX-FX8E-FDNH-SL3W
Expiry Date: 2004-07-16

Online Product Registration
Serial Number: 904045-0010025
Password: 19844

For instructions on installing QNX Momentics PE, please see the install notes for your host platform:
QNX Neutrino (self-hosted): qnx.com/developers/articles/inst_998_1.html
Windows: qnx.com/developers/articles/inst_1000_1.html
Solaris: qnx.com/developers/articles/inst_999_1.html
Linux: qnx.com/developers/articles/inst_997_1.html

If you require assistance or technical support for the product evaluation, visit our newsgroup news://inn.qnx.com/

Thank you,

QNX Software Systems

That’s a complete untouched copy of an auto-emailed license.

Note: The Serial Number is not a valid one because it predates the new registration method.

When I run the OS 6.2.1 from the CD it is asking for user name password. What am I supposed to enter - guest etc does not work. :frowning:

QNX 6.3.0 makes that one easy. :slight_smile:

For earlier releases the answer is “root” and leave password empty.

I must firstly admit that I have 128K dual ISDN, and a 12 hour session limit, so if I start straight away after logging on, I can just squeeze in a CD ISO if the speed stays up. Good work on the torrent, how busy is it? I am currently evaluating YellowTab Zeta (up from BeOS PE 5 Max 3.1b1) and have been relatively impressed. If I can add X11 apps on top of hardware OpenGL acceleration (anyone?) then I will definitely make the switch :slight_smile:

You might want to check this thread regarding downloading and activation key.

BTW, QNX’s GUI system is called Photon (their own proprietary), and there are some OpenGL support.

Online Product Registration
Serial Number: 904045-0010025
Password: 19844

Not working… anything new S/N?

“Note: The Serial Number is not a valid one because it predates the new registration method.”

An online registration is personalised, you should prolly get your own number.

Thank you. Sorry my mistake;)

even worse, the NC links simply leads you to the 30 day trial…hope I get my testing done in that timescale :confused:

Supposedly, you get full features within 30 days trial.
After that, all the commercial features are disabled, and you can only use the NC part. The machine will still function, as NC.

anyone still interested in QNX in 2006?

i could not get the key .


set bios date to 23 june 04


openqnx.com/downloads/6.3.0- … 141702.iso

Don’t forget to verify the cksum before you burn the CD Smile
Filename: 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso
Check Sum: 82346462 549060608
MD5 Sum: 462303b2f69e3e20b7dee3bbc9d7dc66