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Where could i find details about the different versions of QNX and major changes in each versions ?

I don’t know of any specific place that you can get this information, though there may be one. What were you interested in? QNX 2, 4 and 6?
Different versions of 6? 6.21, 6.3.0, 6.3.2, 6.4, 6.4.1, 6.5 or 6.6? Any particular features you are interested in knowing about?

Thanks Maschoen,
Specifically looking onto the difference between QNX 4(4.25) and QNX 6.4 or later

Interested to add HTML4 support on QNX4.
Is the only method to getting HTML4 support on QNX4 is to only port any rendering engine with HTML4 support to QNX4.25?

The differences between QNX 4.25 and QNX 6.anything are great. Here’s a run down.

4.25, no real thread support, use old Watcom (unsupported) compiler. Very little driver support anymore. Eg, no SATA support. Very limited USB support. Uses the QNX 4 file system. Photon 1.x. No SMP support. X86 only.

6.anything, support for threads and slightly different message passing structure to accommodate this. Uses a well supported GNU compiler. Good hardware support in some areas, e.g. nics and basic USB. Spotty for video. Uses either QNX 4 file system or QNX 6 (journaled) file system. Photon 2.0 until 6.6. Provides cross development from Windows or Linux. Supports SMP and various processes depending on version. X86 was well supported until 6.6. Best support now seems to be for ARM.

As I mentioned in another post, you might want to check to see if the Photon 1.x implementation supports the web widget the way 6 did before 6.6. I’m pretty sure it does because I think that was the basis for the Voyager browsers. After 6.5 you have Qt which comes with webkit.

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On a quick search, I got the following details :
QNX 4.25 supports Photon 1.14.
But I could not find any specific details is about PtWebClient widget support in Photon 1.14.
Photon 1.12 and 1.13 supports only PtHtml widget with HTML 1.0 support.

Is PtWebClient necessery for getting HTML 4 support in QNX 4.25 ?

Aha! I finally see you are really serious about getting almost (not HTML5) up to date support for HTML in QNX 4.25.
You are on your own. I’m quite sure it doesn’t exist for QNX 4.25. You might look into porting webkit.
I can’t think of anything else you can do. This is probably not practical. The effort to do this might
exceed the effort to upgrade to QNX 6.

Thank you Maschoen, i know direct methods may not be possible.

From qnx.com/developers/articles/ … l#netfront, came to know that the Web Browser TDK lets to customize the Voyager 2 HTML 4 user agent with ACCESS NetFront technology. But it is readily available for QNX Neutrino 6.3.0 or later.
As Voyager support is already present for QNX 4.25, porting ACCESS NetFront rendering engine to QNX 4.25 might also be a possible option.
PtWebClient widget is available with voyager development kit.

Please provide you valuable comment on this solution.

I’m afraid I have nothing more to add.

Ok Maschoen,

As you mentioned earlier about porting Webkit to QNX 4.25, but Webkit works on top of Graphics framework.
Do you have any idea whether QNX 4.25 supports graphics framework.
If no, then will it be a feasible solution ?

Graphics framework, or “gf” is a layer that was added to QNX 6.4 and also is part of 6.5. It was removed from 6.6 and replaced with something similar. Previous to 6.4, Photon sent graphics commands directly to the video drivers.

So it might be possible to port WebKit to QNX 4.25 using Photon primitives. This is probably a big job, and there may be issues that cannot be resolved. QNX is not supporting Photon anymore either 1.14 or 2.0.

Voyager browser with vserver is available with QNX 4.25 by default. It provides HTML 3.2 support.
But PtWebClient widget is not available.

As voyager is photon based, am confused how the vserver provided HTML 3.2 support without PtWebClient ? Please help.

I don’t know what level HTML support voyager provided. It is entirely possible that voyager was written using photon without the PtWebClient widget, or that it was written with a widget that was not publicly provided. QNX 4.25 does have a PtHtml widget. The documetnation says it only supports HTML 1.0.

Voyager provides upto HTML 3.2 support.
Came across a link mikecramer.com/qnx/qnx_4.25_ … lscrn.html.
It mentions about Voyager runtime is present in QNX 4.25; May be due to that, Voyager supports upto 3.2.
If any modification is required for applications/browser, need to purchase Voyager SDK which includes PtWebClient support.

Webkit has dependency with some java scripts, so do we really require a Java runtime in QNX ? Does QNX 4.25 supports Java run time ?

This question is a little confusing. By “java scripts” do you mean Javascript? Javascript is an interprested language. On the other hand you ask about Java runtime. Java requires a Java VM to run in. I don’t recall QNX 4.25 supporting either of these, although Voyager probably had a javascript engine.

WebKit’s JavaScript engine mentioned in webkit.org/projects/javascript/
I am not so familiar with java; may be that’s why i asked a question like this
So for running the javascript, java engine alone required and it is supported for QNX 4.25. Is that correct ?

I can understand the confusion because of the similarity of names, but javascript and java have nothing to do with each other.

Which means javascript shall run in QNX 4.25.

As I said, it runs as part of the Voyager browser. I don’t know of a separate interpreter, however it should not be hard to find one that can be ported if that is what you need.

Is javascript runs as a part of Voyager browser or Voyager server ?